Treyzini is Dead! Long Live Treyzini!

As some may know, I was once known to show up for events as Treyzini the Magical Clown.  But I’m thinking that it is time to retire that act.  I’m not a big fan of dressing up any more.  I have the wig, the suspenders, the big shoes, the nose, the jumbo bowtie (oi! it’s cool!) and even some home made hobo clown pants.   The problem I found with the clown is the make up.  It is not something I’m a big fan of doing, especially since it tends to make me sweat a big more.  The great problem with the clown, without the make up, its just not the same.  Then there is the name….The Magical Clown.   I don’t do magic, I do illusions.  And YES there is a difference.  Magic invokes (pun intended) the thought of witchcraft, whereas with illusions, there is no mistake that its a gimmick or a trick.
So what to do with all of those tricks and gimmicks that I’ve invested in and practiced with? Toss them out? Sell them?  Why, when I still love to perform the art, but with a gospel twist.
The last time I performed, I did so without the clown costume, and it was probably my best and favorite performance.  So while TreyziniThe Magical Clown may have hung up his nose, Treyzini The Preaching Illusionist steps onto the stage.  Might tweak the name later on, but it goes without saying, I think this might be a way to stretch my boundaries when it comes to various things.  Who wouldn’t want an illusionist for a birthday party? (ok, I’m thinking outside the box a little here, but why not try to make some money while having fun AND sharing the Gospel?!?) Secondly, it might open some evangelistic doors as I’m not sure of any other illusionist preachers around this area. Finally, it could help the local church. Would you want YOUR Sunday School or Youth or Outreach departments to have an illusionist to help entertain for Children’s Church or Vacation Bible School?  Think about it….
See, it might help out a bit. 🙂  So, why even bring this up?  Well, I was at a birthday party today for a lovely young girl at our church, and ran into a Christian Illusionist who happened to recently do an event for another local church.  We were talking, and I mentioned that I dabble a little for talent shows and some church events. His face lit up.  He asked a little what I do, and he wanted to show me an origami trick with a gospel twist to add to my acts and he gave me his card.  Later on, he came over and showed me the trick and went back to his balloon animals.   He got me thinking about the idea, perhaps without even trying, of working this into my ministry a little more.  I think I might just do that… Oh you can also be happy to know that I’ve learned 3 more tricks today that I am going to be adding to my act and that I’m working on a list and a loose script layout for each illusion/trick/gimmick that I do.
Before I bounce on out of here, I will leave a list of important things to know about my act.
1)  What I do in my act is Gospel Illusions, NOT magic.  I’m not comfortable with the term magic as many other will agree with what I said earlier, the word magic invokes the thoughts of Harry Potter or Merlin, wizards and wizardry, witchcraft stuff.  I know that some don’t see the big deal in calling it that, but I want people to understand that I’m an illusionist that operates with gimmicks and props, not with the use of the supernatural.
2)  I will not repeat a trick or give the solution to a trick, it steals from the show. Besides my batteries might run out if I try to repeat things too often 😉
3)  Each trick, gimmick or illusion will have a purpose in telling a story or concept that will have a gospel message….there is a reason it is called Gospel Illusions. 🙂
Well, I should probably make myself disappear for now. 😀
So, Until Next Time

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