Yes, I’m back yet again, after another trivial hiatus.

I am following up on some things posted in a previous post called “Life Goes On” from about five months ago.

Weight loss…. yeah… nope. nothing lost since then.  I haven’t counted calories or what not like I had been, nor the exercising that I had been doing.  But, I am about to hope back on that or some similar program because I am doing a “biggest loser challenge’ with a couple of the brethren at the church.  The goal is to lose another ten pounds between now and Thanksgiving… We shall see how that goes.  I do however wish to lose at least thirty more pounds by my birthday, so in about six more months.  It is doable, but I’ve got to ‘hunker-down’ to do so.

I’ve had a great time on my staycation this past week and a half. Too bad tomorrow (technically today since it has passed midnight) is my last day of it.

During this time I have gotten my exhaust replaced (it had fallen off a couple months ago).  Well, by replaced, I mean severely rigged, it hangs low and I cannot go to certain places in fear of ripping it off again (or worse), but at least it is now much more quiet.  Still going to replace the car, soon hopefully.  I’m told there is a blessing headed our way for the expressed purpose of us getting a new car, but we still will be needing more income to be able to make payments.

The past week and a half has allowed me to read three books. Well, Once of which I was already about a tenth into it when I sat it down the week after I got it, months ago, but I finished the rest.  The other two are books that were on the end-table ‘to read’ pile for a while.  Seven more to go.  Then I can place those on the book shelf and resupply the end-table with books that I have purchased but not gotten to yet.   I would just pile them all there now, but not only would it be unsightly, it would seem like too big of a task and likely not be tackled.  I like my smaller, ‘bite-sized’ chunks approach.

In the last couple of days, I’ve made even more progress on my Linux distro project.  I’ve got another live-cd of my project uploaded to source forge.  It is currently a 0.9GB image and in alpha stage, but it is tangible progress.   I need to update the screen shots uploaded on Facebook, as it now differs from the pre-alpha. Still needs some graphical fixes, changing some menu items/names, get Xiphos working, and perhaps repackage it even smaller smaller.   I made the link public for some North American Missionaries to do some alpha testing.  After that and some app suggestions, we can roll on to Beta, RC, and final release of 1.0.  Then we will have a bootable, fully functional media department on a dvd that a NAM church, or any church for that matter, can use to start or update their media ministry.

Feels good to have some accomplishments. 🙂

I’m still concerned about what I’m going to do about my education and career paths. Once we can do so, both Roxanna and I will be going back to school.  Actually we haven’t talked about it since she was laid off, but I’m certain she will still want to go back once she gets a job.  I’ve decided that I have to go forward with education, but not certain which path to take.  During that process (actually starting a while ago) I will be continuing to look for options to advance my career.

Please help me pray about it!

We had a recent service in which tongues and interpretation went forth, God saw fit to have me give the tongue.  When the message came forth, I accepted the message.  Quite honestly, the word “focus” was the focal point of the message, and I have been trying to apply that to my life.  Between that service and this time off, I have been able to reflect, ponder and pray about things….to bring things into focus.    I still have a ways to go, but I think I can ‘see’ things coming together.  And soon after I pray some more, and talk to the wife more and pray together, I feel like doors are about to open after a very long time of everything seemingly have been shut, locked, boarded up and even bricked in. 😉    Help me pray about that too.

I almost had a different title, but I decided there is no need for a look back. gotta focus on going forward. 🙂

Until Next Time!

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