Where Have I Been?

To be quite honest, I am a horrible blogger.  Not that I do not try to utilize vocabulary or wit, but it is my inconsistency of steady posts.  As with many other things, consistency is the key.  So pushing forward…Allon-sy!

To be fair though, this time around life came rushing in flooding all around me, keeping me quite busy. However, this  is mostly a good thing. I’ve got some great updates to share, and I hope to spend some time telling you about what  has transpired in the last few months.

First off, we have a ‘new’ car! We acquired a white 2007 Honda Accord with roughly twelve-thousand miles on it.  This  was at a ridiculously low price of $5,000. Words cannot express how greatly appreciative I am for this amazing blessing. It did need about $400 worth of repairs and maintenance to have it ready to roll, but that is a small price to pay to have this blessing.

 I will snag a picture here when I have time.

 What about the 2004 Chevy, you ask? We still have it, however we are trying to sell it. It will be a tough sell with all that is wrong with it, unless a grease-monkey would like a fixer-uper. I need to actually call a couple people back about that actually. I have three people that have been interested, so, hopefully to sell it soon.

My reading has slowed down again. I think I’ve only read one book since my last post. Unfortunately, I’ve also picked up a few more books. Once I adjust to my new schedule (more on that in a bit), I plan on getting back into the reading swing.  As I’ve said before, no new ones for a while until caught up.  By caught up, I think going through at least one of the three piles of “read soon” books. 🙂

Now why do I have a new schedule? That would be because I have a new job. I’ve moved on from a ‘safe’ job with a company that I worked with for nearly nine years and pushed into the unknown  [insert super scared face here].  I am very happy to have shaken off the shackles of retail bondage. I’ve moved to an entry-level corporate IT contract position. The company I work for has me assigned to a fortune 10 company.  I am making about 25% more than I was previously. This job has better hours, better pay and some freedom that I’ve not had before.

What is really cool about this job, is that it is not the same mundane thing every single day.  Each day comes with new challenges and IT problems I have yet to encounter.  I am free to think about creative resolutions that get things back up and running as quickly as possible.  I have to put a lot of effort into learning more of the network/server resolutions.  It is more than reimaging and swapping parts….Gone are the days of ‘grade school IT,’ I’ve moved on up to the ‘junior high’ level. LOL   Honestly, I thoroughly enjoy it.  There are many perks that I will worry about later, but the big thing right now is that I am home before 5pm on the average day. This frees me up a bit more to spend time with my wife, spend time ministering in ways that I’ve not had much time for in recent years and more time for studying.

Speaking of studying, with this extra time and extra cash, I’ve been seriously considering heading back to school.  Yes, I know I’ve said that before but I think I’ve actually decided on which school. If all goes well, I would be able to take credits from there as well as from my AAS, and apply those toward a BA at another school for much cheaper than jumping straight to that other school.  It is the middle of a semester now, so I still have some time to work that out.

Then there is the desire to move.  We have both wanted to move for a good while now, but I know she REALLY wants to move soon, I’m going to put some serious thought and prayer into it. It isn’t going to happen until I’ve been at my new job for 90-days (when insurance gets cheaper and a potential raise happens), but it helps to plan ahead.

I had more thoughts, but they have escaped, so I will wrap this one up.

Until Next Time,


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