Word of Encouragement

Sometimes we get this notion in our head that we have to be perfect because we are Christians. Whether its because God has brought us so far in a short time or because we have served God for years, we feel that we are “beyond” certain problems. Then when these things pop up in our lives we feel unworthy and even afraid to talk to anyone about our problems. After all, “everyone else is past this,” “they will think less of me” and “no one else needs to be bothered with my problems.” I chuckled as I wrote that because not only have I heard that from other people, but I’ve said those sentences a few times myself when headed into some of the loneliest battles of my life.

When we allow ourselves to think in this manner it slowly separates us from our brothers and sisters in Christ and can plant the seeds that will later become roots of bitterness. One of the devil’s tricks is to make us feel cut off from God first and then our church family. He tries to get us to rely on our feelings and when we can’t ‘feel God’ or think he has turned His back on us, we begin to think that the end has come. But no matter how far away God seems at this moment, or how dark the situation appears, you will be delivered from this mess of a test and God will grant you the message of a testimony.

In Jeremiah, God tells His people who were in a dark place in life that he has plans for them to prosper and for hope. I learned early on in my Christian walk that the key to turning my problems around is to make sure I connect with my church family, and worship God. It isn’t an instant fix to all problems, but it will help us see our problems with better focus. Instead of thinking less of ourselves we will think of ourselves less and be able to see His greatness. Good times and bad, we need to do as Psalm 136:1 says “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.” We can know that why no, we are not perfect, we ARE forgiven!